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Archery Team

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2016-2017 Hixson High Archery Team

Dear Parents and Guardians,


            Your child has expressed interest in joining Hixson High School’s Archery Team. This extra-curricular activity is offered to Hixson High School students as a fun way to learn a life long hobby, build confidence, socialize, and compete in a challenging activity. Archery is offered to Hixson HS students who demonstrate academic achievement and satisfactory behavior.

NASP archery is already offered in over 250 schools in Tennessee and the number is growing every year. This instructor-facilitated program is extremely safe and is open to students of all physical ability. Students will gain valuable experience in a competitive environment that rewards participation as well as personal gains in skill and ability. The NASP program has been shown to improve grades, focus, concentration, academic motivation, and attendance when students participate in the program. It is my hope that your student will enjoy this opportunity to learn a new lifetime sport.

Archery will typically be offered from (mid-September to May) each Monday and Wednesday (eventually Fridays) after school from 2:30 – 3:45 with competitions scheduled when available. This weekly opportunity for your student to participate in structured archery instruction will occur under the supervision of a certified National Archery in the Schools (NASP) instructor. All competitions will be held in accordance with NASP rules for safety and scoring. Because of the nature of this program, we take safety and discipline very seriously. Any student who does not uphold the highest standards of behavior may be suspended from, or asked to leave the program.

If you are interested in learning more about our archery program I encourage you to view an official NASP promotional video at 

To participate, students must have a signed parent/guardian permission slip, as well as administrative approval and be in good standing with their academic teachers and discipline record. Please fill out the accompanying liability waiver and emergency contact sheet. Students must have this on file with the school to participate.

****Archery Dues: $ 30.00 for equipment/ repairs and team shirt.


Deputy Jimmy Bowers

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

Hixson High School/SRO

NASP Archery Instructor

2016-2017 Archery Team Roster

Robey Ruth
Huey Dean
Harding Morgan
Hogue Autumn
Wolfe Julie
Roberts Madison
Huey Nathan
Rodriguez Wesley
Harvey Corinna
Flanigan Addison
Evans Recus
Jensen Amaya
Headrick Autumn
Jensen Nivea
Wilkey Gabby
Vines Madison
Shaw Haley
Kennedy Haliee
Nelson Gabriel
Maloney Shelby
Konieczny Chris
Rogers Rachel
Zolotas Andrew
Bowling Vincent
Morrow Bre'Asia
Patterson Brennan
Orear Maggie
Holland Patrick
Howard Austen
Cawthorne Jake
Whitehead Jamal
Underwood Hayden
Nakata Sayako
Reagan Emma
Jones Morgan
Waller Breanna
Avery Bryan
McElhaney David
Gonzalez Amy
Barker Ali
Clark Hali